Friday, July 29, 2005

Target Audience?

As a follow-up to the post that didn't happen, I wanted to mention a curious sidenote:

As a regular viewer of Cartoon Network between 9p.m. and 10p.m., I have noticed that the commercial rotation doesn't change much from night to night. One of the regular commercials that can appear up to 4 times during the one hour period (and one that my 4-yr old son has begun to quote and follow along to) is for TimeLife Music.

Now, this period of time consists of episodes of Teen Titans and Dragonball Z. These are cartoons. Who would you think watches these episodes? Well, I can attest that there are some children under the age of 8. I'm pretty sure my 14-yr old watches as well. I also know that there is a certain group of parents' basement dwelling, computer programming, role play gaming 20-30 yr olds that follow them as well.

Knowing that, the question the begs, why is there a recurring commercial the TimeLife collection: Ultimate Love Songs?? What do any of these people need with the timeless classics as performed by Celine Dion and Michael Bolton? Someone has misplaced a large amount of someone's advertising budget. Maybe they are just holding the space until the finishing touches are put on TimeLife Presents: The Love Standards of the Starship Enterprise; or maybe, TimeLife Presents: Goku's Greatest Hits.

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Blogger Erika said...

this from the guy who pirated songs of worship?

9:22 PM  
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