Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And may I say "Welcome, to the Future"

Hallelujah. My parents have broken down and bought a new computer. An impressive one no less. In fact, my mother mentioned that she was going to start taking space shuttle flight classes so she can justify all the bells and whistles.

Dad: Its got a DVD burner and you can burn both sides.
Me: Cool, now you can start making movies. That can be your new hobby when you retire.
Dad: Yeah, right.

I for one am excited. With the new set-up, they will also be getting high-speed internet. That was actually the impetus behind the whole thing. Their old computer wasn't that bad, it was just one version too early. It didn't have an ethernet connection for crying out loud. And with all of the programs that had been loaded on to it, intentionally and otherwise, you literally had to go in and warm it up for about 5 minutes before you actually started to use it. It was like a '76 Dodge Dart in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in February.

So say goodbye to dial-up and hello to all the weird and bizarre stuff on the net that I will now be sending over! Oh, and if anyone out there has a feature length film they need to store and edit, or an extended-play album to record, or the entire library of congress, I'll point you in their direction. As I told mom, with computers, as with bacon, you can never over buy!


Blogger Little Miss said...

and with me, it's back to "6th grade boys lockeroom", right? I'm ok with that.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Kay Ray said...

CRAP.. i still have dialup :(

2:27 PM  

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