Wednesday, August 24, 2005


A few observations from that which is my world:

The "Golden Rule" has been irreparably broken. How you treat people no longer has much bearing at all on how they will treat you. If someone likes you, they will like you regardless (i.e. how the creeps always manage to have long relationships with women). If you are not that important to a person, it doesn't matter how majestically you treat them, you just won't rank above a tool that can provide them something they want. Bottom line: the paradigm has shifted. If you are going to be good and nice to people, do it without expecting any reciprocation. If you are hoping your good turn will be returned, don't waste your time. But don't be surprised if no one else does either.

After watching countless (well, I never bothered to count) episodes of "Good Eats", I've decided that Alton Brown, in all his goodness, couldn't make a pitcher of ice water without kosher salt. I mean, who really even has any of that stuff? If it doesn't come in the paper can with the umbrella-ed little girl, I've never seen it.

I've come to the conclusion that I can never watch "A Current Affair" again, regardless of what Barefoot says. Their "investigative reporting" consists of reading the tabloid headlines at the checkout stand and looking up people's names in the public record files at the local courthouse. Case in point: "Did Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend's recent disappearance have anything to do with the fact that just over 5 years ago he filed bankruptcy and checked the annual income box of $0-$50,000, which means he could have been making as little as $3 a month! Next on A Current Affair." Yeah, I'm sure that's probably the key to the whole terrible mystery.

What are "they" always listening to? And by "they" I mean the athletes, recording artists and actors that are always walking around with headphones on. Are they really all listening to music? If so, what music? You cannot see an athlete these days without headphones on when he's not playing. In the lockerroom, on the sidelines, in the streets wherever. What the heck are they listening to? Be honest, its "How to Speak Spanish in 15 Days", right?

And speaking of "they", what's with all of the monitors, screens, video games and DVD players in their cars? I can't possibly imagine that they spend more than about 20 minutes in their cars, if they have to go any further, they fly. And it's not like they are trying to keep their kids quiet. I just don't get it.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Any comments or answers to questions can be posted below.


Blogger Erika said...

beautiful AND insightful, that's why I love you. Thanks for being my husband, and letting me party like a rock star

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